Why Choose Our Practice?

When you choose any health professional you have many options. We feel our practice is unique in our courteous, professional and gentle approach to providing care.  A few other reasons that distinguish our practice from others are outlined below.

Care and Commitment

From the very first phone call you will understand that our office is geared toward putting your concerns first.  We take the time needed to answer your questions, to address your needs and allay your anxiety.  We strive to use cutting edge equipment designed to accomplish treatment safely, efficiently and with comfort.  We pride ourselves in maintaining a clean, elegantly comfortable office with the latest in high level infection control and mitigation of aerosols for the safety of our patients and staff. Finally, we work closely with your general referring dentist to achieve tooth saving outcomes.

Honesty and Sensitivity to Your Finances

Our goal is to give our patients a realistic opinion about possible treatment options and the long term success for each situation.  We are committed to being a partner with you to save your teeth while understanding that options for payment that fit your budget may be needed to achieve that outcome. All costs and insurance coverage for your treatment is discussed prior to your first visit. We are happy to research and explain your dental insurance coverage with you and offer alternative payment options on an individual basis. Click here to learn more about CareCredit.

Stellar Communication

We know how busy life can be and the need to fit your dental care in between all these stressors can be frustrating. To help make it easier we offer extended office hours on select days, appointment reminders, prompt return calls for your questions and scheduling appointments.  We are happy to answer any questions or concerns in the office, over the phone, via email or by text. 

Comfort And Personalized Service

Starting in 1994 and all the years since, Dr. Tyler has been nicknamed “ the queen of novacaine.”  We wear this as a badge of honor since your comfort is of utmost importance.  We do everything to assure that you are comfortable, fully “numb” and reassured of that throughout your visit.  We communicate with you every step of the way outlining what you can expect during the procedure.  Our patients often sleep through their visit which we feel is the ultimate complement!

We encourage you to bring headphones and music to listen to during treatment and ask us about dental sedation options. We don’t consider you “just a patient” but instead we take an interest in you. We know you will find root canal procedures easier than you think !

Give us a call today at East Greenwich Endodontics Phone Number (401) 284-3500!
You’ll be happy you chose us for your endodontic needs!