Before Treatment

Root canal treatment will be performed using local anesthetics (“novacaine”).  There are usually no restrictions after the appointment concerning driving or returning to work unless a sedative has been taken.

Your initial appointment will begin with a series of questions to establish the problem and it’s history. This  will be followed by xrays as needed, and a review of your medical and dental history. Dr. Tyler will review all xrays and perform testing to determine an accurate diagnosis. Usually treatment can be started but in complex situations it may be best to reappoint for a later date. Sometimes a course of antibiotics will be needed prior to starting treatment.

In order to make your first visit as productive as possible please review the following items:

  • Please forward the referral form and X-ray to our office prior to your visit if possible.
  • Please complete online patient medical history and HIPPA forms prior to your visit and email them to us.
  • Please continue taking all daily medications as prescribed by your physician.
  • Please eat a full meal before your visit.
  • Please bring your insurance information.
  • Please bring a list of current medications.
  • Feel free to bring earphones and music for listening during your visit.

Premedicating for Dental Treatment

Please plan to premeditate with antibiotics prior to your visit as advised by your physician.  This is often advised after valve replacement, joint replacement,or surgical placement of pins,plates or screws for orthopedic reasons. Please advise us if you have had any of these medical procedures prior to your visit so we may consult with your physician and determine if premed is advised. If your physician advises premedication prior to your visit and it has not been taken it may be necessary to reschedule your appointment.

Premedication with Sedative/Valium

Please arrange for a driver to drop you off and pick you up if taking anti anxiety medications. We can call your driver prior to the completion of your visit so they can attend to other needs during your appointment and do not need to wait for you.

Please bring the bottle of Valium with you to the appointment since additional dosing may be needed. 

Please note:  All patients under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Patient Forms